All Star Credit Training Camp Book


Understanding credit and how it works is one of the best kept secrets out there. It’s a game we’re all required to play, but were never given the rules or taught how to play.



Credit affects each, and every one of us, regardless of age, education, background, etc. Having a good credit score can mean the difference between owning or renting a home, being approved for a credit card, negotiating the best interest rates, etc. It can truly be life-changing, saving you thousands throughout your financial history, as well as providing a safety-net for you and your family when life doesn’t always go as planned.

Even those that pay cash for everything, may someday want to finance a home and will need to establish credit in order to generate a credit score and be approved for a loan.

At A1 Credit Solutions, our goal is to educate you in all areas of the credit arena for long-term credit success! We fix your immediate credit challenges while teaching you “how to play the game,” for a lifetime of superior credit and buying power.

Keep this playbook always, as a credit reference and please feel free to contact us at any time with your financial questions.

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